Tiffany & Patrick Ciannella

Patrick was absolutely amazing to my husband and I, from the minute we first spoke to him until after our wedding. Planning our wedding was anything but normal. I was diagnosed with advanced cancer 6 months before our wedding and had brain surgery 8 weeks before. My energy level at our wedding was still slightly weak. The day after the wedding I was worried that we may not have gotten all of the pictures that I wanted because I was so tired and had to stop.

We were more than pleased when we received our photos. Patrick made sure he captured the most genuine and heartfelt moments of our wedding. Even better was he caught the moments that showed who my husband and I are, without cancer running our lives.

I do photography as a hobby and can be quite the photo snob at times. But we love Patrick’s work, organization and planning, patience, and understanding. I would definitely recommend him to anyone getting married!